About the Author

Patrick has spent the better part of his life involved in the music business, as a musician, songwriter, producer, band leader, and owner of his own record label, Blue Rock’It Records. Over the years he toured and recorded with many blues greats, including Brownie McGhee, Lowell Fulson, Charlie Musselwhite, and Jimmy Witherspoon. He also performed and recorded with his brothers Mark and Robben Ford and since 1988 Patrick has fronted his own band, The Ford Blues Band.

He has been intrigued by the European megalithic standing stones since he saw his first photographs of Stonehenge as a young boy. However, he did not get to actually visit any standing stone sites until 1986, when he was in his mid 30’s, and Stonehenge was the first one he visited. Over the years since, he has continued to make return trips to northern Europe to find and explore more than 150 stone sites in as many as six different countries. Many of those locations were returned to on numerous occasions.

Beginning in 2009, Patrick began what he called his “Stone Journeys,” with the explicit purpose of finding out what he could both about the stones, and from the stones. On his travels he kept journals which provided the base material for his book, Stone Journals.

On many of these journeys Patrick was accompanied by Sharon, his wife of 49 years. Their home is on five acres in the small rural community of Redwood Valley, Ca. near where they both grew up.